The Best Detoxifying Foods with Easy Meal Suggestions

This post is dedicated to all my readers, who not unlike myself, tend to go big or go home in the junk food department on certain occasions. I am talking pizza, fries, cookies, ice cream, galore. It happens. No judgement. As I hope we sufficiently covered in my Welcome to It’s Mich post, this is a safe place. Unfortunately, the deliciousness of junk food does not negate the havoc it wreaks on our unsuspecting bodies. And believe me, a junk food hangover is a real thing. 


If you are feeling sluggish or bloated or just overall kind of crappy, this post is for you. Let’s talk about some awesome foods that naturally help our body detox. (And no, I am not telling you to drink only cranberry juice for a week).


Detox: “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification”


The foods listed below aid our body in healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, assist in the removal of toxins, and protect our cells from free radical damage. Before we dive in, I want to point out that I am not a nutritionist. I have done my own research and have found these foods to be personally helpful in increasing my energy, improving my mood, decreasing bloating, and regulating my digestion. I encourage you to check out the provided links for each food item to determine for yourself if their detoxifying powers are merited. 


I am fully aware of the fact that this isn’t a food item, but I still think it is essential that I mention it in a post about detoxifying your body. Your body needs water for several reasons, but one of those key reasons is that water is used to rid the body of waste through urination. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the recommended daily intake of fluids is 3.7 Liters for men and 2.7 Liters for women. That is A LOT of water! Probably more than the average person consumes. So do your body a detoxifying favor and drink more water.

Chlorella and Spirulina

These little chlorophyll packed superfoods are both generally bought in the form of a highly pigmented green powder. Chlorella contributes to the body’s detoxification process by binding to heavy metals and preventing their reabsorption (thus leading to their excretion). Spirulina is a host to many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Chlorella and Spirulina are excellent immune boosters. The ground powdered version of these foods is an easy ingredient to add to a smoothie or protein shake. Currently, I use a daily greens powder (linked here) that contains Chlorella.


Ginger is a fantastic anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant. It also relieves a wide variety of digestive ailments. There are many ways you can incorporate ginger into your diet. Any grocery store generally sells ginger tea. I also highly recommend grilling salmon with freshly chopped ginger and lemon on top. Which perfectly leads me into the next detox food item...


Lemons offer a host of health benefits. These benefits include supporting liver function (an organ to thank for its detoxifying role in the body) and fighting free radicals. Squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass of water or mix it with olive oil and black pepper for a deliciously simple salad dressing.

Leafy Greens

Your mama wasn’t kidding, eat your greens! Leafy greens are one of the healthiest foods out there. They support a healthy digestive tract, are rich in antioxidants, and have anti-inflammatory effects in our body. They are nutrient-dense but calorically low. I try to add greens to every meal I eat. Kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and cabbage are all examples of leafy greens you could incorporate into your diet. If you don’t like raw vegetables check out the recipe column to the right for examples of blending, sauteeing, or roasting your veggies. 

Green Tea

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants that fight free radicals in our bodies. It also has been shown to support the production of essential detoxification enzymes. Drinking a mid-day green tea is a great way to help your body detox and also lower your caffeine intake. Green tea is an excellent substitute for an afternoon coffee. A cup of green tea contains 30-50 mg of caffeine versus the average cup of coffee which contains anywhere from 100 mg (brewed) to 720 mg (espresso) of caffeine. 


Berries such as blueberries are super high in antioxidants, thus they are a great food to eat to assist your body in the process of detoxification. A handful of blueberries thrown into a smoothie, or just eaten plain is an easy way to increase your antioxidant intake. 


Cilantro, similar to Chlorella, binds to heavy metals such as mercury in your body and promotes their excretion. I love adding chopped cilantro to my salads. It pairs well with almost any food item you can think of. 


Consuming walnuts has been shown to improve circulation and increase blood flow. This is essential for helping detoxifying organs such as the liver filter through blood more quickly and as a result, clear toxins from your body more quickly. They are also an excellent source of healthy fat, specifically omega-3. Eat a handful of raw walnuts, roast them in the oven, or toss them over a salad! 

Cayenne Pepper

If you are a fan of spicy food, Cayenne Pepper is something you should try adding to your meals. It is full of flavor that has been shown to boost immunity, help break down free radicals, and support healthy digestion. 



This list is by no means comprehensive, but I hope it inspires you to start adding foods into your diet that support detoxification. Your body will love you for it. It is also worth mentioning that there is a lot more that contributes to feeling your best than just eating from a list of detoxifying foods. Things such as maximizing your gut health and balancing your hormones are so instrumental in your overall well being. These are topics I plan on discussing in depth in upcoming posts. If you found this post helpful and want to see more like it, enter your name and email down below to get notified when new blog posts are published on It’s Mich. Until then, happy detoxification!

xx Mich

My Favorite Detox Meals:

Kale Salad with Tomatoes Cucumbers Lentils

Quick Kale Side Salad

  • Kale; sauteed w/ olive oil, Cayenne, salt & pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes; sauteed w/ olive oil, salt, pepper
  • Cucumber; diced
  • Lentils
Eggs Kale Banana Peppers Tomatoes and Daily Greens Detox Smoothie

Breakfast Eggs & Greens

Daily Greens Kale Brussel Sprouts Cucumber Tomatoes and Salmon

Salmon & Greens Salad

  • Salmon; grilled w/ olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme
  • Greens Salad
    • Brussel Sprouts; oven roasted at 400 °F w/ olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon 
    • Cherry tomatoes; sauteed w/ olive oil, salt, pepper
    • Kale; sauteed w/ olive oil, Cayenne, salt & pepper
    • Cucumber; diced

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