Hello reader! Thank you for spending a little time on my page, it is greatly appreciated. My name is Michaela. In the Spring of 2020 I will be graduating with a degree in Biochemistry. I would like to believe I am many things in this world: a student, a passionate fitness instructor, an advocate for all things creative, a Venti Starbuck's Cold Brew fanatic... That being said, it seems to be a timeless tale that we all start to feel a little lost in our twenties. So here I am. On the Internet. Trying to explore what it is I was set on this earth to do.


My intention for this blog is fairly straight forward: to provide nothing short of quality and authentic content to my readers. In my 21 years experiencing living I have learned a few helpful tips and tricks to keep things somewhat together and I have also experienced some not so fun challenges that I am sure many of you have experienced as well.


The world of media is awesome and expressive, but there appears to be a lack of realness. No one seems to want to talk about their life when it isn't running smoothly. That's where I come in. I hope It's Mich can be a 24/7 place of realness for you. Let's talk about Health, Fitness, Personal Growth, Style, Travel, without a filter. Let's cozy up via this internet friendship you and I have got going on, and get real with one another about LIFE.


If any of this sounds interesting to you and could serve you in any way, enter your name and email down below to get notified every time a new post is uploaded on It's Mich. I would love to have you join me on this journey of authentic living!

xx Mich