What I Eat In a Day: Low FODMAP & IBS Friendly

tuna salad on bread

Hello my dear readers! I want to begin this post by saying THANK YOU for all of your responses to my most recent post on It’s Mich about my journey with IBS. Talking about anything gastrointestinal related can be uncomfortable. It tends to be taboo and open discussion is generally discouraged. That is exactly why …


The Best Detoxifying Foods with Easy Meal Suggestions

Eggs Kale Banana Peppers Tomatoes and Daily Greens Detox Smoothie

This post is dedicated to all my readers, who not unlike myself, tend to go big or go home in the junk food department on certain occasions. If you are feeling sluggish or bloated or just overall kind of crappy, this post is for you. Let’s talk about some awesome foods that naturally help our body detox. (And no, I am not telling you to drink only cranberry juice for a week).