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Boost Your Mood: 11 Positive Affirmations You Need Today

Hello friends, today I am coming to you with an Affirmation Wednesday! 
Feeling a wide and complex range of emotions is part of the pleasure of being human. Today’s affirmation list gives you a little bit of everything, a positive affirmation for you to take with you today no matter the emotions you are encountering this Wednesday. 
A quick note on the science behind affirmations (because yes there are real scientific studies to back up the power of these small acts)...

Speaking and/or writing down positive self-affirmations has been scientifically demonstrated to do the following: 


  • Reduce stress
  • Maintain a positive self-identity
  • Increase use of self-affirming/positive valuation neural pathways
  • Make us less resistant to change and challenges
  • Minimize time spent dwelling on negative thoughts
Powerful stuff! I am a big believer in using affirmations to reroute my negative thoughts, calm my anxiety, and increase my self-confidence. If you want more information on the specific studies referenced, click here. All information was retrieved from the website Positive Psychology. 

Before we get into the affirmations, I wanted to briefly address the types of affirmations I believe in…

Affirmations I WILL use:

  • affirmations that encourage one to continue during difficult times
  • affirmations that enhance belief in self-worth and abilities
  • affirmations that support actions of courage and authenticity


Affirmations I will NEVER use:

  • affirmations that are focused on physical appearance

There is so much more to us than our appearance.

I don't believe in standing in the mirror and telling myself I look beautiful. I think there is a lot more I can offer society than looks alone. If I want to be a leader in the workplace, a mentor to other young girls, a proponent for change in leveling gender playing fields, then I sure as heck am not going to benefit from focusing on how I look. These things happen through confidence in intellect, strong leadership, hard work. 

Bill gates didn't get to where he is because he thought he looked cute, he got there because he had a vision and he executed it with intellectual confidence and perseverance! Women should be held to the same standard and it doesn’t start with the people around us, it starts within ourselves.

It’s great and I applaud you if you find confidence in your appearance. Ask more from yourself than confidence in your external appearance. Your worth goes far beyond how you look. 

Small Wednesday rant over, on to the good stuff... 


Affirmations for a range of emotions you may be feeling today:

1. If you are feeling overwhelmed

3. If you are setting lofty goals for yourself today

5. If you feel a little sad today

7. If you made a mistake (big or small)

2. If you are feeling lost

4. If you are nervous to take a risk

6. If you need a confidence boost today

I hope you enjoyed these affirmations & I hope the rest of your week goes a little smoother and feels a little lighter because of it! I post affirmations as often as possible on my Instagram account devoted to hand-lettered affirmations. I also add new affirmations to my "Affirm It" Pinterest board every day. There are many ways to add affirmations into your life, I encourage you to try it out if it's unfamiliar to you. 

Manifesting the life you want begins with affirmations and bold statements. Don't shy away from reaching for more. 

Talk to you all soon!
xx Mich