Top Fall Style Trends That are Here For Winter: Black Friday Shopping List Ideas

If you are anywhere in the Midwest, then you can likely feel the fall weather quickly turning to a winter breeze. Gone are the days of mild temperatures and colorful leaves. Leaving the house now requires several layers. While many things are changing, some Fall trends will be sticking it out with us during this winter season.

Today’s post is a round-up of some of the top Fall 2020 style trends that are sticking around through winter. If you are looking for items for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping lists, this is a great place to start. I personally have my eyes on a black leather belt bag and a cozy sweater vest. 



It's a shirt that doubles as a jacket, the shacket is more in than ever this season.

Turtleneck Layering

Turtleneck layering is in, it has been in, it is staying in. This is the coziest trend to hit the streets for all of you freeze babies out there.

Untitled design1024_2
sweater vest fall 2020 winter trend

Sweater Vests

I wasn't sure how to feel about the sweater vest at first, but Pinterest has me convinced. This is such a fun piece to wear over a collared shirt or turtleneck.

Leather Pants

Leather has had its moment over the years, but for now it is all about leather pants. Dark brown leather in particular is really having a time in 2020. 

Untitled design1024_4
Untitled design1024_5
loose silhouette wide leg pants fall winter 2020 trend

Loose Silhouettes

Oversized is THE trend of the season. Midi skirts, wide leg pants, and oversized crewnecks or sweaters. No complaints here, the loose silhouette is chic yet incredibly comfortable.

Crossbody Belt Bags

A stylish twist on the classic fanny bag, I have been seeing leather crossbody belt bags everywhere. A functional accessory you can add to any outfit.

Untitled design1024_7

Trending Color Palette:

fall winter 2020 style trend colors

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment down below an item that is on your Black Friday shopping list or Holiday wish list. I would love to keep the fashion inspiration alive through these cold, dark months.

All of the photos from this post come from my "Fall Style Trends" Pinterest board. If you are looking for more style inspo, check out the rest of the board by clicking here! We are facing a winter lockdown nationwide, but there is no reason we can’t be stylish while we quarantine.

Stay safe and have a happy & healthy holiday season everyone.

Much love,

xx Mich

  1. Kelly

    November 24, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    Love your shacket pic. I also love midi skirts. Glad to hear they are sticking around. They have been a go to for me for awhile.

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